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Studying law at university is an interesting and rewarding experience, and one that will stand you in good stead no matter whether you want to become a professional lawyer or follow one of the other numerous careers possible. Learning about the law involves learning the general principles underlying different areas of law, and learning how to apply them to specific situations and the facts of different cases. It also involves developing analytical reasoning skills, legal research skills, and verbal and written expression skills so that you can express your analysis and arguments clearly, accurately and persuasively.

The Leads Law College is a first-class gateway to success in the field of law. You will learn from world class academics and experienced professionals and you will be at the heart of a vibrant, down-to-earth student community.

Why LLC (Leads Law College)

Excellent Prospects

Leads Law College degrees will provide you with an excellent foundation for a career in the legal profession. It is an excellent preparation for many other careers, including government, at local, national and international levels. It also provides an opportunity for law graduates to play a vibrant role in other sectors like commerce, industry and higher education.

Excellent Facilities and Teaching

The College has excellent facilities; you will have the use of a dedicated law library situated in Law College.

We place particular emphasis on helping you to develop your knowledge, skills and understanding of the use of computer in the legal profession and so, in addition to paper resources like, PLD, PCr.LJ, CLR, SCMR etc, the University subscribes to several online databases, including Pakistan law site.

A Vibrant Research Culture and Teaching Staff

As a student in Leads Law College, you have the opportunity to be taught by scholars, many of whom are recognized as experts in their fields, whose research interests include topics as diverse as constitution law, civil law, medical law, commercial law, human rights, gender studies, legal history, criminology and criminal law. You will also have the opportunity to attend public lectures and events organized by one of the College research centres and societies.

A Dynamic Student Body:

Law students at the College may participate in many different student societies and activities. These societies and activities provide students with an opportunity to become more involved in the College and the community, to promote common goals, to share common experiences, and sometimes just to kick back and relax. The Law Society arranges guest speakers, inter-university mooting competitions as well as a range of social activities like, Tours, annual dinners etc. The university is planning to launch a law journal, which would be edited and published by our students.

Internship and Work Placement:

The work experience component of the practical legal training program gives the students an opportunity to gain insight into working in the legal profession. It helps the students experience the delivery of legal services in a real-world context. Similarly it applies the knowledge and skills of the students to real-life problems. It also provides a chance to the students to experience a legal office environment and understand the importance of clear communication. Keep in view all this implication of work experience, the Lahore Leads University arranges the internship in well reputed law firm and legal government bodies during studies and work placements after accomplishment of the law degree.

Focused on Clear Objectives:

The Leads Law College is primarily focused on producing skilled and trained Lawyers as well as future judges who can substantially contribute to the legal system and work for rule of law and justice in Pakistan.

The College is keen to enable the students to join their profession as a Lawyer or start their career in government and corporate sector as well. We aim to direct our students to specialize in emerging and novel fields by imparting the expert knowledge we proclaim. In Law degree programmes, the University aims to promote knowledge and understanding of the students with the sources and institutions of Pakistani legal system. It is also the objective of the University that the students understand the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan from a legal perspective. The students then would be able to capture legal analysis and the socio-economic framework in which legal rules operate. Our programmes also aim to develop intellectual skills so that students are able to conduct independent research and write up a topic from a variety of sources both legal and non-legal. It also encourages the students to apply knowledge of legal rules/concepts/principles to the solution of problems and view critically existing legal rules. Another purpose of our programmes is to improve practical skills so that students are able to use library and internet to acquire legal knowledge for research a topic or problem. The College is aiming to transfer key skills so that students are able to communicate effectively (in writing and orally) summarise, investigate and evaluate material competently.

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