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Leads School of Advanced Legal and Policy Studies


Leads School of Advanced Legal and Policy Studies is a project of Lahore Leads University which has been established with the aim of providing quality of legal education and promote research culture in Pakistan, according to the international standard and methods of research in the field of law. The School is key response to widely emerging issues in legal education in Pakistan.

School keeps an active eye on judicial verdicts and government policy in order to create awareness among the nation. The School's core aim is to produce eminent professional lawyers, learned judges, legal experts and scholars for the nation through a holistic development of the individual by providing sound knowledge, higher analytical ability, commitment to service and respect for the community. Leads School of Advanced Legal and Policy Studies is an innovative and enterprising institution, welcoming, engaged and committed to excellence in legal education and research, creating activities and community partnerships.

Role of School

The School administer University's law college (Leads Law College), as well as research center (Center for Research on Advanced Legal and Policy Studies). Besides, research publication carried out as a result of comprehensive research done at University will be disseminated to the public, concerned government institutions and so on. In addition to that, the School will also publish its law journal (Leads Law Review).

Aims and Objectives

The School's aims to provide academic excellence in legal education, serve all the fraternity of law in Pakistan and to promote facilitate and disseminate the results of advanced study and research in the discipline of law, for the benefit of student, lawyers and institutions in Pakistan and abroad.

The School offers professional legal education through unconventional and advanced legal methods and aims to produce highly skilled lawyers, learned judges, scholars and law officers in Pakistan. In addition to that the school is aiming to provide help to promote and facilitate research culture in Pakistan and also conduct research at an advanced level across the whole field of law; not only conducting research but also creating research friendly environment to motivate students to discover new horizons of legal education and lead the nation to deal with fourth generation's complex legal issues.

Through law journal the School will provide a platform for students as well as legal expert to review judgements and decisions of the Apex Courts and express their view point on it. It would create a bridge of contact among students, scholars and legislature. It will help to enrich thought provoking abilities of students and academic staff. The international organizations/NGOs will use our journal as a source of reference, information and data collection. Surely the reputation of Lahore Leads University will increase by research journal.

Programme Offerings

  • B.A, LL.B(Hons)
  • Diploma Courses
  • Certificate in Research Methods & Methodology
  • Paralegal Training

Co-Curriculum Activities

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Research Projects
  • Inter-Universities Competitions(Under Student Law Society)
  • Visits to Bar Council, Courts, and Legislative Assemblies and Law Chambers etc.
  • Students Fairs and Research Competitions

Zahoor Ahmad Wattoo

The world is currently entering an impulsive wave of challenges. Educational institutions in Pakistan must strengthen and equip their students with necessary capabilities to meet new challenges. With the dawning of the new millennium, the establishment of an exclusively dynamic and profoundly committed institution was envisioned. The vision stands realized in a short span of time. Now Leads needs no introduction. It has been recognized as an organization with a difference. Strategic thinking, dynamism, unwavering commitment, foreseeing future needs and educating the youth accordingly are the traits of the institution. The basic aim of establishing Leads is to meet the emerging challenges, address the broader corporate, structural, cultural, organizational and strategic issues and ensure the use of innovative technology in order to take on the challenges of the highly competitive and complex world market. The institution has been able to combine the expertise being used in advanced technologies and knowledge of integrating it with existing business needs. Its emphasis is on personnel growth by enhancing ability to foresee, assess, strive and succeed. We have the satisfaction of envisioning the future business needs, both national and global, and are doing our best to develop human resources in Pakistan. We provide a unique opportunity to those aspiring individuals who want to make their careers in the national, regional and international Business Markets. We have sufficient strength to educate, train and equip them with the knowledge and skill needed for success. I wish to see them as future leaders.

Founder Director

Assist Prof. Muhammad Younus, LL.B (PU),

LL.M Liverpool John Moores University (UK)

Director and Assistant Professor,

Leads Law College

Advocate High Court

Welcome to the Lahore Leads University, Leads School of ALS&P. After the Lawyers movement of freedom of Judiciary, the role of Lawyers and Judiciary become more important, intended for the rule of law and justice. Consequently it is inevitable to produce learned lawyers and judges, giving them quality of legal education and professional training. The Lahore Leads University took crucial decision to impart legal education and to bring it in line with international standards. Lahore Leads University is a progressive and resourceful body, welcoming, engaged and committed to excellence in education and research, creating activities and community partnerships. If you are thinking about becoming a Leads Law College pupil, I encourage you to visit our prospective student site to learn more about our faculty, our programs, and our unique community. Leads Law's collaborative and supportive learning environment brings together an extended community of students, faculty, and staff members who make Leads Law College more than just a College. Whether you are a prospective student, or an interested visitor, I hope that I will see you on campus soon.

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